ToonDoo – What It Is and Why To Use It

What is ToonDoo?

According to their website, “ToonDoo is a cool, comic-creating tool from Jambav, a fun site for kids. Jambav is devoted to creating a unique array of free and customizable online games of educational value for children of all abilities.”

ToonDoo is for those anyone.

ToonDoo is for those anyone.

ToonDoo is fast, easy way to create cartoons.  There are a number of functions that allow you to create, personalize, and publish your cartoons.

Why should I use cartoons in class?

Illustrations have a number of possible benefits to learning.  Some concepts, especially in the sciences, can be difficult for students understand textually, but are better communicated in pictures.  Illustrations can be used to get students attention and increase their emotional interest in a topic.  Other illustrations can be used to summarize or rephrase information and help students build their framework of understanding.

There are even more benefits to be gained by having students create their own cartoons in class.  By creating cartoons, students:

  • Interpret a concept from verbal/textual form (provided by teacher) to visual form (created in ToonDoo)
  • Organize science concept to fit a limited-panel representation
  • Create their own new, unique representation of an idea
  • Appreciate the difficult scientists encounter when trying to communicate their ideas to others
  • Demonstrate computer skills

As you explore ToonDoo and this guide, you will see more and more ways that you can use ToonDoo cartoons in your teaching and for your students.


11 Responses to “ToonDoo – What It Is and Why To Use It”

  1. L. Rainbow Says:

    As a teacher, this is a great resource but the Privacy statement does not allow it’s use for under 13. Our middle school students would love to use this resource but can’t due to the restrictions. Is it possible to create educational accounts for students younger than 13?

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  3. zemira Says:

    zasto nemogu da se registrujem

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  11. eileen ninivaggi Says:

    Not intuitive as a start up. No teacher guide.

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