Publishing and Reviewing Cartoons

In order to create a ToonDoo book, you must first create a number of cartoons.

Once you have several saved cartoons, then go to your “My Toondoos” section.

When you select this, ToonDoo should take you to screen that shows you all of your saved cartoons.

When you mouse over your cartoons, you will see a variety of options show up.

Choose the “Add to Toonbag” option for each cartoon that you want to use in your book. Once you have done this, you will need to go to your ToonBag. You can access this through the green “Books” navigation tab.

Once in your “ToonBag,” make sure to check the box next to each cartoon that you want to include in your book.

After you have all of the cartoons checked, then click the “make a book button.”

Now all you have to name your book in the dialog box and save it.

Here are several things that you can do with your cartoon (or cartoon book) now that you’ve created it (them).

  • Embed your cartoons in a site such as a wikipage.

Go back to your “My Toondoos” section. Select one of your cartoons by double clicking on it. That cartoon should come up and have 5 small icons next to it. You will select the fourth icon to get the code to use to embed your cartoon.

Click on this icon and the following information should show up.

Simply follow the instructions, copy one of the embed codes, and paste it into you wikipage or blog site.

  • You can post your  created cartoons as a saved image file (you cannot do this with a book). This is a way for you to include any of your cartoons in Word documents, on a webpage, in a power point, etc.

This task is similar in that you go back to your “My Toondoos” section. Select one of your cartoons by double clicking on it.

Once the cartoon comes up, right click once on the cartoon and you will be presented with numerous choices. You will want to choose the “Save Picture As…” option.

You want to save the image into the “My Pictures” folder that is in your “My Documents” folder. Your cartoon is now available for you to use as an image.

  • Another useful toondoo tool is the ability to post comments. You can post a comment to anyone’s cartoon. All you need to do is select the cartoon that you want to review. At the bottom of the screen is a place for you to post comments. Simply type in what your thoughts are and click submit.

Anyone can view the comments that have been posted so be careful what you say!

  • To view posted comments, click on the “Galleries” navigation tab. One of the choices will be comments – that is the one you select.

You can now scroll through and review all of the posted comments. I recommend using the search option otherwise there are a lot of comments to scroll through!


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