Creating ToonDoo Cartoons

Creating Your First ToonDoo

Here is a simple ToonDoo. With the information on this page, you will be able to create this cartoon, or a similar cartoon of your own. We will assume you have already established an account, navigated to, and logged in to your account.

1. Click on the Create Your Own! pencil in the upper right corner of the ToonDoo homepage.

2. You will see this screen prompting you to select your layout. Choose a single panel cartoon.

3. Next, mouse over the Backgrounds menu and choose the abstract backgrounds. The background used in this cartoon is located on the second page of the abstract backgrounds. Drag the background to your cartoon panel.

4. Now, choose the Characters menu item and click on the bear (ToonDoo calls him Jambav), and select the character indicated in the picture below. Drag Jambav to your cartoon panel.

5. You can use the Toolbar at the bottom of your screen to make changes to your character. For our cartoon, we enlarged Jambav, and then locked him in place.

6. Let’s give Jambav something to munch on. Mouse over the Props menu and choose the apple on the first row.

7. Use the Toolbar to shrink the apple. Place the apple in Jambav’s hand, and lock it in place.

8. Make Jambav talk by choosing the Text menu item and choosing the icons illustrated below.

9. Type something witty for Jambav to say. (Hint: use the toolbar to shrink the dialog balloon before you begin to type.) You have to press the Enter key on your keyboard to start a new line of text.

10. Enlarge and shrink the dialog box as needed and position it as you like. You can move the pointer of the dialog box as well.

11. Lock the dialog box in place.

12. Save your ToonDoo be selecting the Save option from the Start Here menu.

13. Complete the information and options on the publish prompt and click the Publish button.

Congratulations! You just created your first ToonDoo!

Menu Choices

Design Menu

The Design Menu on the ToonDoo creation screen is pictured below. The Main Menu gives you a number of options to customize your ToonDoo.

Main Menu

From the Main Menu you can create, save, or open a new ToonDoo. You can also submit feedback to the people at ToonDoo.


The Characters menu offers your the choice of hundreds of different ToonDoo characters. They are classified into categories like Men, Women, Children, Stick Figures and more. Later, you’ll see that you can manipulate the positions and facial expressions of each character.


There are dozens of cartoon panel backgrounds to choose from here. Most can be altered only between color and black-and-white.


The Props menu is just what you need for adding important details to your ToonDoo. What’s a mad scientist without a well-stocked laboratory? Or a football hero without a football? Most of these can be manipulated by size, position, and color.


The Text menu lets you create dialog balloons to make your ToonDoo characters come alive. You have several choices of fonts and languages, and you can change the colors as well.


This menu catalogs all of the graphic elements in Toondoo–characters, props, backgrounds–by the artist who created the graphic. This is useful if you really like one particular style or need to have your elements work well together stylistically.

My Galleries

This menu allows you to import your own images into ToonDoo, create customized characters, create drawings and store your most frequently used graphics.

Tools Menu

The Tools menu gives you a variety of options for manipulating your graphics to suit your desires. From here, you can change the size, color, position, orientation and expression of your characters, props and backgrounds. Some menu options work with all of the graphics; others only work with some of them.

  • Lock: Locks the selected graphic in place
  • Shrink: Makes the selected graphic smaller
  • Enlarge: Makes the selected graphic larger
  • Clone: Makes an exact copy of the selected graphic
  • Flip: Makes a mirror image of the selected graphic
  • Rotate Left and Rotate Right: Pivots the selected graphic in the desired direction
  • To Front: Places the selected graphic on the top layer
  • To Back: Places the selected graphic on the bottom layer
  • Delete: Removes the selected graphic from your ToonDoo

The options listed above work with almost all of the graphics except the backgrounds. backgrounds cannot be brought to the front or cloned.

Props Menu

The Props menu allows you to change the color, expression, posture and orientation of many of your props and characters.

  • Prop: Changes the orientation of some props
  • Emotion: Changes the facial expression of some characters
  • Posture: Changes the position of some characters
  • Color: Changes the colors of some props and backgrounds

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  2. kyle Says:


  3. Michael Says:

    My toondoo doesn’t show it only shows bear characters

  4. Alyssa Says:

    how do i add another slide though?

  5. Sasha Says:

    is there a way to upload your own backgrounds?

  6. Sara Says:

    The website isn’t loading on my computer or phone… Is it having issues? I have full internet connection.

  7. Evo Says:

    I can’t change my characters colour. I can only change it to black or grey.

  8. stefany thaynara Says:

    Eu sou Stefany
    e sou uma palhaça

  9. Tom G. Says:

    How do you add extra panels if your story goes longer?

  10. danna Says:

    Es el mejor

  11. Ron C. Says:

    where is the pencil on the home screen

  12. Shantae green Says:

    It looks nice

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