This guide was created to help introduce teachers to ToonDoo. ToonDoo is a free illustrating service that allows anyone – regardless of artistic ability – to create and share great looking cartoons. ToonDoo cartoons can be used by teachers to inject humor into their classes, to visually demonstrates concepts, and to bring fresh, engaging lessons to their students.

This guide includes pages with all the information you’ll need to get you from registration to evaluation with ToonDoo. Links to the pages are given in the navigation bar to the right. As you go through the guide, feel free to leave any questions, comments, or tips on the pages to help us improve and the guide and help others using the guide.

6 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. SensoryFriendlyLearning Says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog. Thank you so much for this guide- I will go through all of it thoroughly ! I work with K-3 kids with LD and ADHD and I’ve been looking at ToonDoo this summer for summer tutoring classes. Jeannie at sensoryfriendlylearning

  2. Arischa Says:

    Toondoo has racist images on their site http://www.toondoo.com/cartoon/5197146

  3. paulo dos santos rosalinop Says:

    gostaria de saber como usar as ferramentas.

  4. Pat Merritt Says:

    Why does this site spin and spin and spin? Students have projects which they are not able to open after their first work session, so they are extremely frustrated. We do love the site but wish that it was as fast to use as the byline states.

  5. Carla Says:

    Who is the author of this website?

  6. Michael Carothers Says:

    I am one of the authors – haven’t been back here in a while though

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